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Transmission Replacement in Chicago, IL

If shifting gears is getting to be too tough, Transomatic of Chicago can help. Our shop offers first-rate transmission replacement in Chicago, IL, for all types of transmissions. Any model that can't be repaired will be offered replacement service at a fair price. Our free diagnostic services determine what the better choice is for you before you pay. Each of our mechanics is prepared to give you an honest professional recommendation and is committed to doing the work well without cutting corners.

Though we'll service any vehicle, we're particularly skilled in Allison transmission replacement. Allison is the largest manufacturer, developer, designer, and distributor of automatic transmissions worldwide, so their parts are inside a great many vehicles. After more than 52 years, we've mastered all of the skills and acquired all of the necessary technology to do whatever jobs they need, and it shows in our work.

Comprehensive Transmission Replacement Service

At our shop, we aim to be an all-inclusive resource for your transmission. Even if it's already broken down and left you unable to drive your car, we'll be happy to tow you in completely free of charge. Once you get here, we can install a new or rebuilt transmission that won't break down and will prevent the need for repairs for a good long time. This is the case whether you require an automatic or manual transmission replacement, because we know every part inside and out. This helps us provide you with a working whole.

Automatic Transmission in Chicago, IL

Always Go With a Pro For Proper Service

Your transmission is the most complicated, necessary, and expensive part of your car, so it shouldn't be left in the hands of an amateur. A rushed or incomplete job could only lead to more problems, warranting expensive repairs and other headaches. This won't happen with a job done by mechanics of our caliber. Especially for automatic transmission replacement, you want the work done by people with years of experience and training who can successfully navigate your system's complexities.

We've been in business since 1965, and our decades of experience have made us an amazing value for customers like you. Investing in service like ours ahead of time always pays off later. When you choose us over the competition, we make it worth your while.

Contact us and we'll tow you over here or make an appointment for you to come in. We replace transmissions in Chicago, Franklin Park, Park Ridge, Villa Park, Melrose Park, Oak Park, Norridge, Harwood Heights, Dunning, River Grove, and the nearby neighborhoods. 
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