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Driving isn't nearly as much fun when you're dealing with lurches, delays in shifting gears or movement, grinding sounds, and breakdowns. Fortunately, Transomatic of Chicago can make all of those annoyances go away. Our local shop is the place to go for complete transmission repairs in Chicago, IL, for any kind of car, truck, or transmission. With our advanced equipment and experienced, industry-leading mechanics, you'll have no problem getting back on the road quickly and being safe in your vehicle again.

Our mechanics inspect, diagnose, and perform repairs and services on all transmissions, both automatic and manual, both 4WD and AWD. We also do in-depth work with Allison transmission repair, since these have become the part of choice for drivers around the world. If repair is not possible due to age or extensive damage, we may recommend transmission replacement or a rebuild, which is our specialty.

Transmission in Chicago, IL   

Simplifying the Transmission Repair Process

Dealing with transmission problems can be quite stressful, but we help make it easier through our unique services, such as free towing and diagnostics. The former allows you to get to us even when it's not possible or safe for you to drive. All you have to do is give us a call, and we'll come to you, and unlike other companies, we don't charge you a dime for it. We see to it that you get to our shop safe and sound.

Our complimentary diagnostics allow you to make informed decisions about the service we're performing for you. We use state-of-the-art equipment to identify and explain what's causing the problem, and then you get to decide what happens afterward. Don't hesitate to ask all of your questions; we always answer in clear terms.

About Our Transmission Repair Shop

We're not a large corporation whose only goal is to make money. Our local, family-owned business has been serving the same area for more than 52 years. We know what it takes for a vehicle to get around in Chicago and how to get it to that point. Our towing crew is familiar with the area and can get to wherever you are quickly and efficiently. With personal knowledge like ours, you're sure to drive off satisfied.

Contact us and see the reliability of our repairs for yourself. We fix the cars and trucks of Chicago, Franklin Park, Park Ridge, Villa Park, Melrose Park, Oak Park, Norridge, Harwood Heights, Dunning, River Grove, and surrounding communities.
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