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Auto Suspension Repair in Chicago, IL

You likely can't imagine a human body without a skeleton, and a car without a proper suspension system would be equally lost. This is the part of a vehicle that connects the car to the wheels and supports the weight so it can absorb shocks and stay on the road. If you're feeling those bumps and dips more than you should or are having trouble driving in a straight line, come to Transomatic of Chicago for auto suspension repair in Chicago, IL. Our shop has all of the technology needed to fix this problem fast.

From transmissions to suspension service, our team is trained to take care of it all. We've been working with every make and model of car and truck since 1965 and offer competitive rates for our services. You can get started with a free tow if necessary and free diagnostics as well, so you know what's wrong with your car and what's needed before you pay. We want you to be able to make informed decisions about your services and feel confident in your choice, so we do our best to make it so.

Shock and Strut Replacement Keeps Your Drive Enjoyable

Struts and shocks are what keep a smooth ride smooth, absorbing the abuse the springs on your car receives from uneven parts of the road. Bumps, dips, potholes, and cracks can appear in even the most level-looking of streets, and these parts are what prevent you and your passengers from feeling the effects of them.

The struts support the weight while the shocks regulate the speed of the weight transfer. They inevitably degrade over time and need to be replaced for you to stay in control. Our auto repair shop does just that these with brand-new models to help keep everyone comfortable. Remember that inadequate shocks can strain your wheels, so you're better off replacing the shocks beforehand than wait until you're forced to prematurely replace your tires.

Auto Suspension Repair in Chicago, IL

We Offer Free Diagnostic Services

We offer free diagnotic services for our customers. When your car or truck is having issues and you don't know where to turn, trust the experts at Transomatic of Chicago, Inc. We are experts with auto repairs, tranmissions repairs, and transmission replacements. We have highly skilled and trained specialists who can provide the right equimpment to diagnose your vehicle and get your back on the road in no time. Call us today!

Contact us for exceptional suspension service and transmission service. We perform these services for drivers in Chicago, Franklin Park, Park Ridge, Villa Park, Melrose Park, Oak Park, Norridge, Harwood Heights, Dunning, River Grove,  and the surrounding communities.
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